What’s the value for a patient of a good night’s rest?

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Holding is lifting up, affirming, protecting and dignifying the person

I watch over and create a safe haven for those patients and families in my care – See Me as a Person

 “How was your night?” This is one of the most often heard inquiries each morning when staff come into the patient room first thing in the morning.  Responses range from “terrible to OK”.  We rarely hear “I rested well”. However, consider this brilliant idea: creating a “Therapeutic Night” for patients. This practice, shared with us by, by Mary Del Guidice MSN, BS, RN, CENP, CNO of Penn Hospital, is a beautiful example of integrating therapeutic relational practices with clinical care priorities and patient-centered care. The result is an important intervention which is aiding patients in getting a restful night’s sleep.

The theory behind the “Therapeutic Night” Mary says, is a response to a thorny challenge – helping patients be less anxious at night.  She says, “every patient that enters the threshold of our doors into our care is afraid…. afraid of something.  This fear is most profound at night. The ‘Therapeutic Night’ is meant to communicate through caring (therapeutic practices) that the health care team is there through the wee hours watching over and keeping patients safe”. She has partnered with the Patient Experience Team to embed this practice into their H.E.A.R.T Bundle of patient-centered care practices at Penn.  Thank you Mary Del Guidice for allowing us to share your practice. We hope it spurs others to consider implementing this brilliant idea.



4 thoughts on “What’s the value for a patient of a good night’s rest?

  1. Could we get a copy of the bundle? We are an in patient Rehab Unit and sleep is always a focus of our care.

  2. Hi Mary! I’m so glad to be in touch with you! How are you?
    What a wonderful idea! How can I see the details of this practice?
    A big hug for you!
    Fatima from Brazil

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