Defining the “Relational Aspects” of Award Winning Care

DAISY paper coverI recently had the honor of collaborating with DAISY co-founder Bonnie Barnes and DAISY Executive Director, Cynthia Sweeney to create a resource designed to help clinicians recognize their use of the therapeutic practices of attuning, wondering, following, and holding in their daily work.

Our hope for this paper is two-fold:

1)  That nurses in DAISY organization will use this resource to write DAISY nominations that overtly articulate the high degree of relational proficiency of each nurse nominated, and

2)  That caregivers in all organizations will use this resource as a basis for demystifying and better understanding the practices that comprise therapeutic relationships.

We believe that culture is created, in part, by language. Once the language of attuning, wondering, following, and holding becomes a part of the culture, relationship throughout the organization are positively affected!

Click here to read the white paper, “Inspiring Nurses to See the Extraordinary in their Ordinary.”

Mary Koloroutis

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