A Therapeutic Sighting: A Charge Nurse Attunes, Follows…Connects

We are warmed by this beautiful nurse’s way of being. She is seeing every patient as a person.

HNH News logo“You just go along with the patient,” Cheung says. “If they’re in pain, I try to see if I can address that problem. Then I keep going back to the patient. When I say I’m coming back in an hour, I will come back in an hour. And they expect to see me.” That builds respect and trust, she says. “If a patient trusts you, you can help them solve some of their problems.”

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I Am Your Patient

I am your patient. I am a person with family, friends, faith, hope, longings, and plans for the future.
Everything you do or say that helps me feel seen as a person, moves me one step closer to healing.
When you do the things I’d do for myself if I could, I feel like you’ve got my back.
Every time you help my family, you help me. Every time you hold my hand, I’m comforted.
Every time you are in my room and you see me –
not as a diagnosis or series of tasks – but for who I really am – I feel safe.

Marcus with dog


~Marcus Engel (as a patient, “The Other End of the Stethoscope”)

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