How Compassionate is Your Organization?

306648_430031007052972_255367038_nTake this short survey from Hearts in Healthcare to learn something about how compassionate your organization is. We invite you to use your findings as a springboard for discussion with your peers. Making compassion a topic of discussion in your organization helps clinicians in all disciplines to be more mindfully compassionate in their interactions with patients, families, and each other.

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A Therapeutic Sighting: Making a Human Connection in No Time

306648_430031007052972_255367038_nThis is a beautiful response to all who say, “But we already do this” or “I don’t have time.” Thank you, each one of you, who see your patient not as a broken body but as a full human being who needs you. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding about what it means to be wounded on the inside as well as the outside. Thank you, all of you, who are the nurse in this story.

With appreciation to Hearts in Healthcare for sharing this clip.

Find Out What it Means to Me

RespectThis article on respect—what it is and what it is not—came to my attention a few days ago, and I think it supports the practices of the therapeutic relationship beautifully:


  • Respect is tuning in to the other. It’s meeting the person exactly where he or she is.
  • Respect is being open, and it’s about wondering about what matters to the person.
  • Respect means following and listening to what the person is saying.
  • Respect means speaking to and about the person with regard.

I love the reflective questions in this article by JoAnna Brandis, and I recommend it for discussion at your next team meeting. Click here for the full article.

~ Mary Koloroutis