A Therapeutic Sighting: Making Hospitals Quiet

We think this obvious innovation to decrease noise and disruption for patients needs to be front page news! Read this posting if your patients and you are experiencing “alarm fatigue.”

SMOH-LogoThe specialists at Making Hospitals Quiet have begun working with the Ministry of Health in Singapore to improve sound quality in their hospitals. Work began in June 2013 with audits of the first 3 hospitals, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the National Eye Center and the National Cancer Center. Read entire article.

A Therapeutic Sighting: Seeing the Person, Not the Disease

Photographer Rick Guidotti’s life has been all about beauty and the power of images. He spent years as a fashion photographer in Milan, Paris, and New York. But 15 years ago, after photographing a woman with albinism, Guidotti researched more about the condition and was shocked by the images he saw in medical textbooks of the sad, downtrodden people with albinism. Those pictures changed his life, and ever since that day Guidotti has devoted his talent to photographing people with genetic anomalies. He presents in medical schools and says, “Put the humanity in medicine. It is not what you are treating, it is who you are treating. I dare you to see beauty. Once you see it, it is extraordinary …” And, I would say, once we learn to look for and see beauty rather than difference, we are forever changed. Thank you to Rick Guidotti for his magnificent vision and transformative work.

The woman in the picture below is Christina–just one of the beautiful people Guidotti has photographed over the years. Click on her image to go to an article and video on the extraordinary work Guidotti is doing.

Rick Guidotti christine004a-276x380

A Therapeutic Sighting: The Inspiring Work of the Fetzer Institute

I received an e-letter from the Fetzer Institute today that began with this wonderful quote and comment.

Humility is throwing oneself away in complete concentration on something or someone else. ~ Madeline L’Engle

Each day can bring new and wonderfully humbling opportunities to learn from others. We are reminded that it is often as important to weave love into how we do things as it is to incorporate it into what we do.

I encourage you to become familiar with their website — I know their videotapes and commentaries will inspire.The mission of the institute is to “engage with people around the world to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in our global community.”

Blessings, Mary